Varnish Removal System

Why Need of a Tan Reduction Machine

Fire Retardant Fluids used in Steam and Gas Turbines have water content in the oil circulating the system to lower the fire threshold Point also this Oil is very rarely drained and often exposed to moisture, bacterial growth, sludge which is the reason why we see Varnish Buildup in the system parts.
The other reason is due to the combination of Friction, heat, and contamination Turbine Oil Degrades these minute substance deposits throughout the system where ever it finds a place to settle and forms a sticky Coating that is insoluble in Turbine Oil and Hydraulic Oil and is typically called Varnish which is too small to be removed with conventional filters hence you require Varnish removal system or Tan Reduction Machine.
Tan Reduction System

Microcare Tan Reduction System 

Microcare Tan reduction Machine conventionally called Varnish removal machine will remove insoluble oxidation substance from turbine oil or Hydraulic Oil
Microcare Tan reduction System properly understands the type of fluid, the type of acid, turbine type, system operating conditions, duty cycle, temperature, nature, and extent of the acid, acid generation rate, and other contaminants present in the fluid system and offers an effective solution

Features Microcare Tan Reduction System

  1. The acid reduction trolley based on Ionic Charge Bonding
  2. One housing with Ion exchange resin elements that will reduce the acid content through ICB method
  3. One cartridge filter with absolute media element of 10 microns
  4. Un wanted acid formation is the result of oxidation and hydrolysis
  5. Preventing Acids formation in phosphate ester fluids can be achieved

Applications of Varnish removal system

Gas Turbines
Steam Turbines
Hydraulic Systems
Paper Machines
Other circulating lube systems
Tan Reduction
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