Microcare Products for Industrial Oil Filtration

We have invested our time, expertise, and experience of two decades in Designing Industrial oil filtration machines which we manufacture under the brand Microcare These Machines Filter Hydraulic Oil, Turbine Oil, Bearing Lubrication Oil, Straight Cutting Oil Typically these systems are Used in various industry Sectors such as Automotive, Power plants, Steel Manufacturing, Rubber Industries, Chemical Industries, Plastic Industries, Oil and Gas, lamination Board, NON-FERROUS METAL MANUFACTURING, Cement Industries, Defence Establishments and Wide Engineering Industries

Electrostatic Oil Filtration

Electrostatic Oil filtration Machine is used to clean Hydraulic Oil, Turbine Oil, Bearing Lubrication Oil, Straight Cutting Oil, Any other non-conductive Liquid

Vacuum Dehydration and Oil Purification.

A Complete Solution removing traces of moisture, entrapped gases & air from Hydraulic or Turbine Oil and maintains the Original Properties Of Oil

Portable Offline Filtration System

Customized Offline Industrial Oil cleaning system used for superfine stage filtration for Hydraulic and Lubricating Oils where two different filtration methods can be mounted on a single Platform.

Tan Reduction System

This Machine is used in Steam and Gas Turbines to Clean the Turbine Oil this Machine helps Prevent bacterial Growth, sludge, and the tendency of Varnish Formation in Turbine Oil  

Vacuum Dehydration Unit

Removal of moisture and gases entrapped in Oil and stopping Varnish & Sludge formation in Oil

Two Stage Oil Filtration System

This Oil Filtration Trolley is a novel solution to maintain cleanliness of oil by way of removing submicronic contaminants of all types
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