Microcare Industrial Oil Filtration Systems for Hydraulics



We have put our expertise and experience of two decades in the design of our industrial oil filtration machines that filter hydraulic oil, turbine oil, lubricating oil, straight cutting oil, and other mineral and synthetic oils.  The range of these filtration machines that take micro care of oils is our brand Microcare.

We have sold around 2000 machines offering our services and expertise to more than 300 clients spread across sectors such as automotive, power plants, steel manufacturing and processing, rubber Industries, cement, plastic injection molding industries, oil and gas, lamination board, non-ferrous metals, manufacturing, aluminum extrusion, hydraulic presses, defense establishments and wide engineering industries both in India and overseas.

Industrial Oil Filtration Systems
Industrial Oil Filtration Systems

To be a market leader in manufacturing products and solutions to maintain the different types of oils used in the industry, to keep them free of contamination and to ensure uninterrupted operations. This includes the design, manufacture and supply of standard oil filtration units as well as tailor-made solutions for dialysis of oils to improve and extend the life of your hydraulic systems.

PECD started manufacturing oil filtration machines under the brand Microcare created in the year 2000. The first product launched was the Electrostatic Oil Cleaner. Further, we introduced a range of other products such as Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification Systems for removing dissolved moisture and entrapped gases, Mechanical Filtration Systems which integrated different filtration technologies on a single platform, and tan reduction systems for preventing varnish formations. 

Industrial Oil Filtration Systems
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