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Pune Energy Control Devices Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturing Microcare Electrostatic Oil Cleaners since 1997. EOC is an electrostatic super oil cleaning equipment involving static charging of ionised suspended solid contaminants in fluids and oils and collecting them on an enormously spread surface of di-electric media.

This machine operates on the principle of electrostatic precipitation of suspended contamination and is capable of removing contaminants up to 0.8 micron and can achieve cleanliness class 5 as per NAS 1638. The cleaning process is done offline where the parent machine need not be shut down.
The types of oil that can be cleaned by MICROCARE Electrostatic oil cleaner and the specification of oils is given below.
Types of Fluids Cleaned
Specification of oils cleaned
    Hydraulic Oil     With viscosity upto 200 cst
    Turbine Oil     Moisture content upto 500 ppm
    Bearing lubrication oil     Temperature upto 60° C
    Straight cutting oil     Non detergent oils
    Any other non-conductive oil, except engine oil     Non water based cutting oils
Electrostatic Oil Cleaner
Electrostatic Oil Cleaner
EOC - 25
Increase of hydraulic oil life and reduction in oil replacement cost.
Increase in life of hydaulic system components.
Reduction in machine downtime and system warm up periods.

Improves the MTBF of precision machine components.
 Avoids back pressure and back flow of contaminatns due to clogged filter element.
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