Microcare Oil Filtration Systems for Hydraulics

We have put our Expertise and experience of two decades in our Oil filtration machines to filter Hydraulic oil, Turbine oil, Bearing Lubrication Oil, Straight cutting oil, Any other non-conductive oil except Engine oil which we manufacture under the brand Microcare 

We have sold around two thousand machines offering our services and expertise to more than 300 hundred clients spread across sectors such as Automotive , Power plants , Steel Manufacturing , Rubber Industries ,Chemical Industries ,Plastic Industries,Oil and Gas ,lamination Board,non-Ferrous Metals, Manufacturing,Cement Industries ,Defence Establishments and Wide Engeneering Indistries
About Microcare Oil Cleaners
Microcare Vision for Oil cleaners
To Design Tailor made solutions and offer standalone products to clean Hydraulic oil , Turbine oil,Bearing Lubrication oil ,Straight cutting oil , Any other non-conductive oil except engine oil which improves health of your Hydraulic Systems
PECD started Manufacturing Oil Filtration Machines Under the Brand Microcare created in the year 2000 the first product Lauched was  Electrostatic oil Filtration System Further we introduced a range of other products such as Vacuum Dehydration Oil purification systems for removing dissolved moisture and entrapped Gases. Mechanical Filtration Systems which integrated different Filtration Technologies on a single platform, Tan reduction systems for preventing varnish formation.
Microcare Oil Filtration Products
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